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 Post subject: Manhunt 1 & 2 Theory
PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 3:27 am 
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I’m gonna start with a simple question: Does Manhunt 1 and Manhunt 2 coexist in the same universe?
At the beginning I could say no, because the realism and supernaturality from the first game are different than from of the sequel (or Spin off).
However there is a detail that we all saw, but people considered it as an Easter egg.
In the episode "Broadcast Interrupted" a shooting was carried out in the studio "TV-MK" going through different programs.
However, when you get to the children's section you can find "The White Rabbit" from Manhunt 1, hanging from the ceiling.
What should not be possible because he was killed 4 years ago (10 years according to Spanish Manhunt Wiki).
So this is my theory:
James Earl Cash never killed the White Rabbit, according to the RockstarGames Canon.
From this point, two options emerge:
Option 1: The Smileys killed Cash in the ambush.
Option 2: The Cerberus killed Cash when he went out to kill the White Rabbit.
In my opinion, option 2 is more likely to be true.
Let me explain: When we get out of the ambush we get to see the rabbit again, and we can see how it panics and the Cerberus appear afterwards.
If we consider that, it is a well-trained team, plus all the cutscenes that they managed beat down Cash very easily, and that he is just a simple prisoner and that in the tower there was a frank shooter, I do not doubt they could have killed him easily. The Smileys could also have that same possibility, but due to their mental faculties, I do not think they could do much.
Many can use the last scene to discard this theory since it says that Gary and the cops were found dead, but they also show a picture of Cash with the canon weapon used in the level "Kill the Rabbit" ("Tears Pool" in the beta version).
This may be the reason why Cash died, either wanting to kill the White Rabbit in cold blood and not being able to escape from the Smileys in the ambush, or from the Cerberus while trying to reach the tower.
Bearing all this in mind, we could say that Robinson (the journalist) could never go to her apartment, since she went out looking for Cash in the scene "Divided They Fall", but after she did not find anyone she could have escaped or been murdered there, or get arrested by Gary Shaffer, being executed in her apartment or on the streets nearby.
Remember that she was after all a threat to the director, for all the evidence she had against him, in the box. That material could have been "erased" by the police or the Cerberus.
But returning to the White Rabbit, he may have quited working with Starkweather after that night, move to CottonMouth where he would perform a children's show on a television channel and subliminally wash people's heads (TV-MK) .
4 years later the rabbit would be killed by Daniel Lamb, being the latter, controlled by Leo Kasper.
This is my theory, and I hope you’ve liked it.
This is the "Universe" I'm basing on, to create my fangame "Lost Tapes.

Written by: 0Xy2K (Me).
Translated by: Pianissimo.

If you want to listen to the theory in Spanish, you can do it here:

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 Post subject: Re: Manhunt 1 & 2 Theory
PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:03 pm 
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I think the White Rabbit suit used by "the" White Rabbit in MH1 was just a costume from the TV show we see in MH2. We know they're in the same universe already because MH1 is in the GTA universe, & it is mentioned in the MH2 booklet that Danny is from San Fierro (or something like that). That's pretty much the only things connecting the 2 games though.

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