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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 3:07 am 
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Project Manhunt Message Board Rules
I have had to create some rules around here. I didn’t want to initially but I received private messages from people and it has been mentioned to me that it has to be done. I no longer want to move and lock topics, my time is limited and the time I do have free I don’t want to spend unnecessarily moving stuff around and moderating every ones every action.

Before Posting:
- Multiple Posts/Threads: Don’t double or triple post, edit your initial post if necessary. We understand it happens sometimes but try to avoid hitting the submit button anymore than once when posting a topic/reply. Don’t create another thread if one already exists either as the thread will be deleted.
- Stay on Topic: Please try and stay on topic. If a topic does not exist for the subject matter then create one for it, within reason.
- Post in the Right Forum: Posts posted in the wrong forum will be moved, locked or deleted. All forums are labeled so posting in the correct forum should be easy enough.
- Use the Search Feature: Use the search feature that is built into the board before making a new post or if you believe it may have already been brought up.
- Check the website: If you have a query about Manhunt then check the site first for the answers. All too many times the same questions are asked that have been covered in further detail on the site. If repeat questions are asked when it has already been stated then it may result in your posts being removed.

Profile Related:
- Avatar: Keep it at a decent file size and no larger than 150x150. If your avatar is larger than the size listed, it will either be removed or a private message will be sent to the user asking them to please resize it.
- Signature: No real limit other than keep it reasonable. Anything that stretches the forum tables is unacceptable and will be removed. Be reasonable with this one.

Regarding Other Members:
- No Arguments/Abuse: If you have a problem with someone then send them a private message or an email. The rest of the board doesn’t need to deal with it. Insults to others also won’t be tolerated. If you still have a problem with someone alternatively send either me or Lazlow a private message and we will attempt to deal with the problem for you.
- No threatening other members: There must be at no time any threatening of other members either with violence or death. While you may be meaning it as a joke, it can come off as being aggressive and since everything is in text format it is easily misinterpreted.

- English Only: This website and forums are intended for those that speak and understand English and as such you should only post in English. If such a time comes that there is demand for alternative languages then and only then may you not use English text. As it stands only English is acceptable though.
- Multiple Accounts: You may only have ONE account, should you decide to make another account then the administration (myself or Lazlow) must be notified.
- Stating the Obvious: Before you make a post with some sort of statement make sure you are able to back it up. If it is specifically about Manhunt then please read through the site beforehand to make sure it hasn’t already been covered.
- Images: Please post the image links rather than directly posting the image. Some users have slower connections and large quantities of images can cause problems.
- Locked Topics: Reasoning for locked topics vary, they could include: going way off topic, arguing or if the query has already been answered, in this instance we will provide a link to the topic it was answered in. Also note that a locked topic doesn't necessarily mean it was a bad topic.

We keep getting private messages and e-mails from people asking the same questions so let me clear some stuff up for you all right now. These are the more popular questions I am asked:

- Banned members – There is no issue that can’t be resolved by asking me or Lazlow about it, even if you are warned it is no reason to worry about being banned, it just means that you are now noted as breaking a rule. There is no pleasure in banning someone and it would be done only as a last resort.
- Deleted news – Any news that is deleted is because I was told to. If you missed it then ask someone else, someone will likely have caught it. Please don’t ask me anything else about it.
- Feedback thread – It is appreciated, I have seen it, they are noted and I add them as I get time. All I can ever say in the thread is ‘I see your post’ which has no point, once it has been done you will know it has been. If you are able to do it yourself then feel free to do so, the worst that can happen is I or Lazlow say no.
- General Manhunt information – Check the site first, there is a good chance it is there somewhere, if not then that means we haven’t had time to do it yet so the chances of us doing it and emailing it to you are slim. If we had it completed then it would be on the site. Alternatively ask amongst yourselves.
- Moved threads – Threads are sometimes moved if they are in the wrong section, just give it some thought before randomly creating a thread.
- Off-topic posts – I have no issue with them, as long as they are contained, such as the ‘last person to post’ thread; I am not going to go in there expecting a riveting conversation. If someone makes a thread asking a genuine question and you have nothing to contribute then just leave the thread rather than making an off topic post.
- Spammers – The spammers aren’t bots, they are people that have signed up to promote items, such as drugs, Viagra, computer software etc. Don’t click the links, obviously. Send me or Lazlow a private message and they will be edited and then banned. If they send you a private message, delete them, and don’t bother responding to them either, there is no point.
- Topics closed/deleted – I have closed some topics as has Lazlow, I can’t speak for him so you can ask him yourself but I lock them for reasons listed in the rules. If it goes too far off topic then there is no further point in the topic so I close them. If I see repeat threads one after another, I will close them all but keep the most prominent one open. I also tend to edit the first or last post in the threads explaining why they where closed.
- Warned members – I have sent those that I warned a private message and they know. If I don’t warn them then I personally won’t know why they where warned until Lazlow tells me.

I don't think this is asking much. Please try and stick to these rules.

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